A cross between a home invader and a construction worker I guess.

I took a risk buying these boyfriend jeans. I wanted some but am convinced I look bad in them. But they are comfy and I fit in a size 16 now (somehow) AND they were cheap as fuq (forever 21).

I def wanted to pair them with a crop and I feel pretty confident in this type of outfit. My feeling good overrides what people think. When I feel hot in an outfit I don’t care if people talk shit.

It’s whateva they just mad I’m stylin on em.

The turtleneck crop, hat, and spiky wedges are all from Urban Outfitters. I don’t shop there anymore tho, I feel I’ve outgrown it. The shoes can get it tho.

I have a thing for my belly button lately…deal wid it.



Cirque Apparel Plus Size Pentagram Harness

Pentagram Harness: Cirque Apparel
Size: Plus Size
Made from elastic, I feel this harness is reasonably priced. It can be ordered custom made to your measurements and is available in silver or gold studs. I’m really happy with this purchase. It arrived really fast from the UK and it’s sewn together very well. It’s nice to see an Etsy seller taking custom size orders and using a plus size model in her photos. I will totally order from Cirque Apparel again.

Skirt: Spin Doctor
Size: 4X 
This is the Eleanor skirt by Spin Doctor Clothing. I ordered this skirt last month from Hot Topic. HT has since sold out so I have linked you to The Gothic Shop. They are the only shop I found who still had plus size in stock. I have not ordered from them before so I am sorry but I cannot provide any feedback. If anyone has ordered from the before please leave feedback in the comments below. This skirt fits the same as a Hell Bunny 4X skirt.

Bra: Lane Bryant
Size: 42G
This bra is comfy, sexy, and supportive. Lane Bryant is the only place I have found that carries bras that make my boobs happy. I have yet to have a problem with one of their bras so I stick with them.

Septum Clicker: eBay
Size: 14G/8MM
This is the first septum clicker I have purchased. It was really super hard to open, but I finally got it in. I’m not sure I will ever get it out though! It’s really tight and I might have to go have someone take it out for me. I would love some feedback on clickers so please comment below if you can help. Should they be so hard to open and close??

Lipstick: Pretty Zombie Cosmetics
Shade: 3 Witches
I’m a sucker for Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. I hope they come out with more colors soon. Love, love, love them!  

Shoes and Gloves: Value Village
Size: 10
I found my shoes at Value Village thift store, but I was able to located them online. You can find them at Fantastia Wear. They are a classic Halloween costume shoe. The gloves are standard size, long length, in stretch cotton. You should be able to pick these up at any dollar store this time of year.

Belt: FatToo Accessora
FatToo Accessora is a plus size accessories group on Facebook. You are not likely to come across this same belt, however, Asos Curve quite often carries corset belts. 

Fishnet Shirt: Walmart 
Size: 3X
I picked up this shirt 10+ years ago. It came over top of a tee that said “Rock N Roll” HA! I never throw things away because you never know when you might need them. You can find a plus size fishnet shirt on eBay for a reasonable price.

I’m in love with this look, I feel totally sexy and beautiful. This outfit makes me want to go out to sip cherry brandy and dance to Bauhaus in a dark club. I really need to get on that!!


LAST NIGHT I THREW UP AT 4am A BUNCH AND MY HAIR STILL LOOKS THIS GOOD. Shout out American Cream conditioner by Lush. You held me down.

My new fav dress: forever 21 plus 9$. It’s got mesh long sleeves and I decided on the green one. It perfectly matches my hair.

Even a few months ago I wouldn’t have worn this with out something covering or flattening my tum. But I feel sexy just plain like this. I actually think my lil belly outline is adorbz. Who’d have thought that’d be possible. :)

BTW I want y’all to tweet this so my awesome beautiful boyfriend can play his gorgeous music at Foxtail Fest: